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    • Desfasadores para microstrip empleando metamateriales 

      Cantora Álvarez, Alejandro; Gonzalo García, Ramón Upna (2005)   Contribución a congreso / Biltzarrerako ekarpena  OpenAccess
      In this paper an application of LH materials at microwave frequencies (10GHz) is presented. A compact quarter-wave impedance transformer is proposed using alternating sections of left handed media (LHM) and conventional ...
    • Ultra-wideband metamaterial filter based on electroinductive-wave coupling between microstrips 

      Navarro Cía, Miguel Upna; Carrasco, J.M.; Beruete Díaz, Miguel Upna; Falcone Lanas, Francisco Javier Upna (EMW Publishing, 2009)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      In this work, we analyse the frequency response of microstrip lines coupled by complementary split ring resonators (CSRRs) etched on the ground plane supporting electroinductive waves (EIWs). The single-particle ...