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    • An effort to make sense of antisense transcription in bacteria 

      Lasa Uzcudun, Íñigo Upna; Toledo Arana, Alejandro Upna; Gingeras, Thomas R. (Taylor & Francis, 2012)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      Analysis of bacterial transcriptomes have shown the existence of a genome-wide process of overlapping transcription due to the presence of antisense RNAs, as well as mRNAs that overlapped in their entire length or in some ...
    • Molecular signature of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant in ovine PBMCs by integrated mRNA and microRNA transcriptome sequencing 

      Varela Martínez, Endika; Abendaño, Naiara; Asín, Javier; Sistiaga Poveda, Maialen; Pérez, Marta María; Reina Arias, Ramsés Upna; Andrés Cara, Damián de Upna; Luján, Lluís; Jugo, Begoña M. (Frontiers Media, 2018)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      There have been few in vivo studies on the effect of aluminum hydroxide adjuvant and its influence on the immune response to vaccination. In this study, lambs received a parallel subcutaneous treatment with either commercial ...