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    • EMG modeling 

      Rodríguez Falces, Javier Upna; Navallas Irujo, Javier Upna; Malanda Trigueros, Armando Upna (InTechOpen, 2012)   Capítulos de libro / Liburuen kapituluak  OpenAccess
      The aim of this chapter is to describe the approaches used for modelling electromyographic (EMG) signals as well as the principles of electrical conduction within the muscle. Sections are organized into a progressive, ...
    • Scanning electromyography 

      Navallas Irujo, Javier Upna; Rodríguez Falces, Javier Upna; Stålberg, Erik (InTechOpen, 2012)   Capítulos de libro / Liburuen kapituluak  OpenAccess
      The study of the anatomy and physiology of the motor unit has important implications in the diagnosis and follow-up of neuromuscular pathologies. Muscle action potentials allow the use of electrophysiological techniques ...