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    • Determinants and tools to evaluate the ecological sustainability of using forest biomass as an alternative energy source 

      Blanco Vaca, Juan Antonio Upna; Candel Pérez, David Upna; Lo, Yueh-Hsin Upna (2018)   Capítulo de libro / Liburuen kapitulua  OpenAccess
      Forest biomass, the most ancient of fuels, is again in the center of renewable energy production. This chapter provides an introductory view of the main factors that condition the ecological sustainability of this energy ...
    • Productivity of forests ecoystems 

      Blanco Vaca, Juan Antonio Upna; Lo, Yueh-Hsin Upna; Welham, Clive; Larson, Bruce (Earthscan, 2017)   Capítulo de libro / Liburuen kapitulua  OpenAccess
      In this chapter, we examine both the factors affecting forest ecosystem productivity, and the ways that forest management can influence these. Much forestry training is related to the manner in which productivity can be ...