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    • Influence of the aging model of lithium-ion batteries on the management of PV self-consumption systems 

      Berrueta Irigoyen, Alberto Upna; Pascual Miqueleiz, Julio María Upna; San Martín Biurrun, Idoia Upna; Sanchis Gúrpide, Pablo Upna; Ursúa Rubio, Alfredo Upna (IEEE, 2018)   Contribución a congreso / Biltzarrerako ekarpena  OpenAccess
      Lithium-ion batteries are gaining importance for a variety of applications due to their improving characteristics and decreasing price. An accurate knowledge of their aging is required for a successful use of these ESSs. ...
    • Parameter-independent control for battery chargers based on virtual impedance emulation 

      Urtasun Erburu, Andoni Upna; Berrueta Irigoyen, Alberto Upna; Sanchis Gúrpide, Pablo Upna; Marroyo Palomo, Luis Upna (IEEE, 2018)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      An effective battery voltage regulation is fundamental to extend battery lifetime and to avoid overvoltage. However, the design of this regulation is complicated due to the wide battery impedance range, which, when dealing ...