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    • Blowing the whistle 

      Apesteguía, José Upna; Dufwenberg, Martin; Selten, Reinhard (2003)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      Leniency clauses, offering cartelists legal immunity if they blow the whistle on each other, is a recent anti-trust innovation. The authorities wish to thwart cartels and promote competition. This effect is not evident, ...
    • Do wealth levels affect the contribution to negative externalities? 

      Benito Ostolaza, Juan Miguel Upna Orcid; Ezcurra Orayen, Roberto Upna Orcid; Osés Eraso, Nuria Upna Orcid (Elsevier, 2020)   Artículo / Artikulua
      This paper experimentally explores the link between poverty and decisions that lead environmental degradation. In the experiment, individuals with different wealth levels play a game that describes environmental degradation ...
    • Rank dependent expected utility in the pelota betting system: an experiment 

      Llorente Erviti, Loreto Upna (2006)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      We theoretically and experimentally study a zero sum betting market: the pelota betting system, but with commonly known objective probabilities and without commissions. We know that risk-averse expected utility maximizers ...