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    • 46-km-long Raman amplified hybrid double-bus network with point and distributed Brillouin sensors 

      Fernández Vallejo, Montserrat Upna; Olier Aguado, David; Zornoza Indart, Ander; Pérez Herrera, Rosa Ana Upna; Díaz Lucas, Silvia Upna; Elosúa Aguado, César Upna; Bariáin Aisa, Cándido Upna; Loayssa Lara, Alayn Upna; López-Amo Sáinz, Manuel Upna (IEEE, 2012)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      We experimentally demonstrate a 46-km hybrid network that combine point and distributed Brillouin sensors. The proposed sensor network multiplexes low-cost intensity point sensors based on fiber-optic tapers, which are ...
    • Stability comparison of two ring resonator structures for multiwavelength fiber lasers using highly doped Er-fibers 

      Pérez Herrera, Rosa Ana Upna; Quintela, M. A.; Fernández Vallejo, Montserrat Upna; Quintela, Antonio; López-Amo Sáinz, Manuel Upna; López Higuera, José Miguel (IEEE / OSA, 2009)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      An experimental comparison of stability between two different fiber laser topologies is carried out. The lasers are based on ring resonators that include highly-doped Er-fibers. Both topologies use fiber Bragg grating ...