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    • Is there a frontier in sensitivity with lossy mode resonance (LMR) based refractometers? 

      Ozcariz Celaya, Aritz Upna; Ruiz Zamarreño, Carlos Upna; Zubiate Orzanco, Pablo Upna; Arregui San Martín, Francisco Javier Upna (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      A tin dioxide thin layer has been studied in order to improve the sensitivity of lossy mode resonances (LMR) based sensors. The effects of the thin film thickness and the polarization of light in a SnO2 coated D-shaped ...
    • Micro and nanostructured materials for the development of optical fibre sensors 

      Elosúa Aguado, César Upna; Arregui San Martín, Francisco Javier Upna; Del Villar, Ignacio Upna; Ruiz Zamarreño, Carlos Upna; Corres Sanz, Jesús María Upna; Bariáin Aisa, Cándido Upna; Goicoechea Fernández, Javier Upna; Hernáez Sáenz de Zaitigui, Miguel Upna; Rivero Fuente, Pedro J. Upna; Socorro Leránoz, Abián Bentor Upna; Urrutia Azcona, Aitor Upna; Sánchez Zábal, Pedro Upna; Zubiate Orzanco, Pablo Upna; López Torres, Diego Upna; Acha Morrás, Nerea de Upna; Ascorbe Muruzabal, Joaquín Upna; Ozcariz Celaya, Aritz Upna; Matías Maestro, Ignacio Upna (MDPI, 2017)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      The measurement of chemical and biomedical parameters can take advantage of the features exclusively offered by optical fibre: passive nature, electromagnetic immunity and chemical stability are some of the most relevant ...