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    • Growth and public support to research and imitation: the international connection 

      Pérez Sebastián, Fidel (1999)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      This paper studies technology policy within the context of an R&D-based growth model. We first use cross-country data to document several empirical regularities regarding the relationship between public support to research ...
    • Imitation theory and experimental evidence 

      Apesteguía, José Upna; Huck, Steffen; Oechssler, Jörg (2003)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      We introduce a generalized theoretical approach to study imitation and subject it to rigorous experimental testing. In our theoretical analysis we find that the different predictions of previous imitation models are due ...
    • Transitional dynamics in an R&D-based growth model with imitation: comparing its predictions to the data 

      Pérez Sebastián, Fidel (1998)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      Employing cross-country data, this paper evaluates the transitional dynamics predictions of a non-scale growth model of endogenous technology innovation and imitation. We show that, unlike the neoclassical growth framework, ...