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    • Attitudes towards blood and living organ donations 

      Cabasés Hita, Juan Manuel Upna; Errea, María Upna (2010)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      We model the decision of whether or not to become a blood/living organ donor. The expected utility for becoming a donor is a function of the degree of altruism, the consumption of goods, the costs of donation, the very ...
    • Uncertainty with ordinal likelihood information 

      Alcalde Unzu, Jorge Upna; Arlegi Pérez, Ricardo Upna (2007)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      This paper proposes a new framework of choice under uncertainty, where the only information available to the decision maker is about the the ordinal likelihood of the different outcomes each action generates. This contrasts ...