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    • Dynamics, welfare and migration in open economies 

      Espinosa, Alexandra M. Upna; Díaz-Emparanza, Ignacio (2006)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      In this work we analyze the importance of dynamics in the determination of the distribution of gains from free trade and migration. Given a transition dynamic, free trade might worsen a country relatively to autarchy. ...
    • Theory on economic development: from growth of wealth to expansion of freedom 

      Echávarri Aguinaga, Rebeca Upna Orcid (2003)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      In Economic Theory, development is the topic, which delves into human welfare. Its aim is linked to welfare expansion in the context of regions. In this working paper, I am assuming that aims and strategies of development ...