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    • Do wealth levels affect the contribution to negative externalities? 

      Benito Ostolaza, Juan Miguel Upna Orcid; Ezcurra Orayen, Roberto Upna Orcid; Osés Eraso, Nuria Upna Orcid (Elsevier, 2020)   Artículo / Artikulua
      This paper experimentally explores the link between poverty and decisions that lead environmental degradation. In the experiment, individuals with different wealth levels play a game that describes environmental degradation ...
    • Participation in and provision of public goods: Does granularity matter? 

      Arlegi Pérez, Ricardo Upna Orcid; Benito Ostolaza, Juan Miguel Upna Orcid; Osés Eraso, Nuria Upna Orcid (Springer, 2020)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      We use public goods games to experimentally investigate the effect of granularity (i.e., the degree of divisibility of the space of feasible contribution options) on participation (whether individuals contribute or not to ...
    • Using visual stimuli to promote healthy snack choices among children 

      Benito Ostolaza, Juan Miguel Upna Orcid; Echávarri Aguinaga, Rebeca Upna Orcid; García Prado, Ariadna Upna Orcid; Osés Eraso, Nuria Upna Orcid (Elsevier, 2021)   Artículo / Artikulua
      Most interventions against obesity use information to persuade people to change their behavior, with moderate results. Because eating involves automatic routines, new approaches have emerged appealing to non-reflective ...