Claim problems and egalitarian criteria

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The paper presents a unified framework where claim and cost sharing problems are jointly analyzed. Both problems have the following common characteristic: given a proposal the agents valuate the suitability of the proposal in two ways, checking how much they loss and how much they gain. Taking this into account, we construct the vector of awards and losses for any proposal and we use different egalitarian criteria to select among these vectors. We use the Lorenz, the Least Square and the lexicographic criteria and we analyze the solutions arising from the application of these criteria in the sets of vectors of awards-losses. In particular, we characterize the members of two families of solutions: the family of Weighted Least Square Solutions and the family of Imputation Selector Weighted Least Square Solutions. The second family includes between its members well-known solutions as Constrained Equal Awards and Constrained Equal Losses solutions.



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J. Arin acknowledges financial support from Project 9/UPV00031.321-15352/2003 of the University of the Basque Country, Projects BEC2003-08182 and SEJ-2006-05455 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain and Project GIC07/146-IT-377-07 of the Basque Goverment. Likewise, J. M. Benito acknowledges financial support from Projects SEJ-2006-11510 and ECO2009-12836 of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain.

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