Ultra-compact planoconcave zoned metallic lens based on the fishnet metamaterial

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A 1.5λ0 -thick planoconcave zoned lens based on the fishnet metamaterial is demonstrated experimentally at millimeter wavelengths. The zoning technique applied allows a volume reduction of 60% compared to a full fishnet metamaterial lens without any deterioration in performance. The structure is designed to exhibit an effective refractive index n = -0.25 at f = 56.7GHz (λ0 = 5.29 mm) with a focal length FL = 47.62 mm = 9λ0. The experimental enhancement achieved is 11.1dB, which is in good agreement with simulation and also with previous full fishnet metamaterial lenses and opens the door for integrated solutions.


Fishnet metamaterial, Metamaterial lens


Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica / Ingeniaritza Elektrikoa eta Elektronikoa



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This work was supported in part by the Spanish Government under contract Consolider Engineering Metamaterials CSD2008-00066 and contract TEC2011- 28664-C02-01. V.P.-P. was sponsored by Spanish Ministerio de Educacion, Cultura y Deporte under Grant No. FPU AP- 2012-3796. B.O. was sponsored by Spanish Ministerio de Economıa y Competitividad under Grant No. FPI BES-2012- 054909. V.T. is sponsored by the Universidad Publica de Navarra. M.B. is sponsored by the Spanish Government via RYC-2011-08221. M.N.-C. was supported by the Imperial College Junior Research Fellowship.

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