Étude d'une bucle fluide diphasique à pompage mécanique comme moyen de contrôle thermique pour un satellite de télécom

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Soto Armañanzas, Isabel


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Trabajo Fin de Máster / Master Amaierako Lana

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Concerned about future challenges in the spatial domain to transport big quantities of power trough long distances in telecommunications satellites, TAS has suggested the two phase mechanically pumped loop (2ΦMPL) as solution. Despite his maturity level, this technology is a really efficient, appropriate and promising thermal control system from the point of view of high dissipation/long distances problem. During my period in the company, I have to follow every experiment made in the 6 kW ground prototype in order to understand how does it work and then be able to develop a model for the AATDM project’s loop. EcosimPro 4.6 is the software that I have to use, a modeling tool never tested in thermal-fluid pumped loops systems, but that seems very powerful, user-friendly and it has a wide choice to exploit the results.


Two phase mechanically pumped loops, Two ΦMPL [2ΦMPL], Thermal control, Satellites, Modeling, EcosimPro, Six kW prototype [6kW prototype]


Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica / Ingeniaritza Elektrikoa eta Elektronikoa


Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales y de Telecomunicación / Telekomunikazio eta Industria Ingeniarien Goi Mailako Eskola Teknikoa / ENSEEIHT (Francia)


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