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    • Asymmetric propionate aldol reactions of a chiral lithium enolate accessible from direct enolization with n-butyllithium 

      Palomo, Claudio; Oiarbide, Mikel; Gómez Bengoa, Enrique; Mielgo, Antonia; González Rego, María Concepción Upna; García Castillo, Jesús María Upna Orcid; González Guerrero, Alberto Upna; Odriozola Ibarguren, José Manuel Upna Orcid; Bañuelos, Patricia Upna; Linden, Anthony (ARKAT USA, Inc., 2005)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      The presented lithium enolate-based methodology is suitable for access to propionate syn-aldol motifs with high levels of stereocontrol. The reactive lithium enolate species is generated by direct treatment of a camphor-based ...
    • Enantioselective addition of alkynyl ketones to nitroolefins assisted by Brønsted base/H-bonding catalysis 

      Campano, Teresa E.; Iriarte, Igor; Olaizola, Olatz; Etxabe, Julen; Mielgo, Antonia; Ganboa, Iñaki; Odriozola Ibarguren, José Manuel Upna Orcid; García Castillo, Jesús María Upna Orcid; Oiarbide, Mikel; Palomo, Claudio (Wiley, 2019)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      Various sets of enolizable alkynyl ketones (including methyl ynones with α-aryl, α-alkenyl, and α-alkoxy groups) were able to react smoothly with nitroolefins with the assistance of bifunctional Brønsted base/H-bond catalysts ...