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    • Estimation of the motor unit structure from scanning electromyography and surface electromyography recordings 

      Corera Orzanco, Íñigo Upna Orcid (2021)   Tesis doctoral / Doktoretza tesia  OpenAccess
      In this thesis, several algorithmic procedures to estimate the MU fiber parameters from the waveform of a scanning-EMG signal (i.e., from the recording of a MUP in multiple positions along a linear corridor) have been ...
    • A masked least-squares smoothing procedure for artifact reduction in scanning-EMG recordings 

      Corera Orzanco, Íñigo Upna Orcid; Eciolaza Ferrando, Adrián Upna; Rubio Zamora, Oliver Upna; Malanda Trigueros, Armando Upna Orcid; Rodríguez Falces, Javier Upna Orcid; Navallas Irujo, Javier Upna Orcid (Springer, 2018)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      Scanning-EMG is an electrophysiological technique in which the electrical activity of the motor unit is recorded at multiple points along a corridor crossing the motor unit territory. Correct analysis of the scanning-EMG ...
    • Motor unit profile: a new way to describe the scanning-EMG potential 

      Corera Orzanco, Íñigo Upna Orcid; Malanda Trigueros, Armando Upna Orcid; Rodríguez Falces, Javier Upna Orcid; Porta Cuéllar, Sonia Upna Orcid; Navallas Irujo, Javier Upna Orcid (Elsevier, 2017)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      The motor unit profile, a representation of the trajectories of positive and negative turns of a scanning-EMG signal, is a new way to characterize the motor unit potential. Such characterization allows quantification of ...