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    • Frequency domain design of a series structure of robust controllers for multi-input single-output systems 

      Gil Martínez, Montserrat; Rico Azagra, Javier; Elso Torralba, Jorge Upna (Hindawi, 2018)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      The regulation of a disturbed output can be improved when several manipulated inputs are available. A popular choice in these cases is the series control scheme, characterized by (1) a sequential intervention of loops and ...
    • Quantitative feedback control of multiple input single output systems 

      Rico Azagra, Javier; Gil Martínez, Montserrat; Elso Torralba, Jorge Upna (Hindawi, 2014)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      This paper presents a robust feedback control solution for systemswithmultiplemanipulated inputs and a singlemeasurable output. A structure of parallel controllers achieves robust stability and robust disturbance rejection. ...