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    • Determinants of Internet use in Spain 

      Lera López, Fernando Upna; Billón, Margarita; Gil, María (Taylor & Francis, 2011)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      This paper analyzes the impact of a variety of socioeconomic, demographic and regional factors to explain Internet use and the frequency of use by individuals in Spain. We have employed binomial and ordered probit models ...
    • Perceived performance effects of ICT in manufacturing SMEs 

      Bayo Moriones, José Alberto Upna; Billón, Margarita; Lera López, Fernando Upna (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2013)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      Purpose. We aim to investigate whether ICT resources, including investment and use of specific types of ICT as well as innovative work practices, have a positive impact on several dimensions of firm performance, taking ...