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    • Dynamic BOTDA measurements using Brillouin phase-shift 

      Urricelqui Polvorinos, Javier Upna Orcid; Zornoza Indart, Ander; Sagüés García, Mikel Upna Orcid; Loayssa Lara, Alayn Upna Orcid (SPIE, 2012)   Contribución a congreso / Biltzarrerako ekarpena  OpenAccess
      We demonstrate a novel dynamic BOTDA sensor based, for the first time to our knowledge, on the use of the Brillouin phase-shift instead of the conventional Brillouin gain. This provides the advantage of measurements that ...
    • Mitigation of modulation instability in Brillouin distributed fiber sensors by using orthogonal polarization pulses 

      Urricelqui Polvorinos, Javier Upna Orcid; Alem, Mehdi; Sagüés García, Mikel Upna Orcid; Thévenaz, Luc; Loayssa Lara, Alayn Upna Orcid; Soto, Marcelo A. (SPIE, 2015)   Contribución a congreso / Biltzarrerako ekarpena  OpenAccess
      A technique based on the use of orthogonally-polarized pulses is proposed to mitigate the detrimental impact of modulation instability on Brillouin distributed fiber sensors. While the theoretical underpinnings of the ...
    • Sources of noise in Brillouin optical time-domain analyzers 

      Urricelqui Polvorinos, Javier Upna Orcid; Soto, Marcelo A.; Thévenaz, Luc (SPIE, 2015)   Contribución a congreso / Biltzarrerako ekarpena  OpenAccess
      This paper presents a thorough study of the different sources of noise affecting Brillouin optical time-domain analyzers (BOTDA), providing a deep insight into the understanding of the fundamental limitations of this kind ...