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    • ECOAL project: delivering solutions for integrated monitoring of coal-related fires supported on optical fiber sensing technology 

      Ribeiro, Joana; Viveiros, Duarte; Ferreira, João; López Gil, Alexia; Domínguez López, Alejandro; Martins, Hugo F.; Pérez Herrera, Rosa Ana Upna; López Aldaba, Aitor Upna; Duarte, Lia; Rodrigues Pinto, Ana Margarida Upna; Martín López, Sonia; Baierl, Hardy; Jamier, Raphael; Rougier, Sébastien; Auguste, Jean-Louis; Teodoro, Ana Cláudia; Gonçalves, José Alberto; Esteban, Óscar; Santos, José Luís; Roy, Philippe; López-Amo Sáinz, Manuel Upna; González Herráez, Miguel; Baptista, José Manuel; Flores, Deolinda (MDPI, 2017)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      The combustion of coal wastes resulting from mining is of particular environmental concern, and the importance of proper management involving real-time assessment of their status and identification of probable evolution ...
    • Simultaneous measurement of humidity and vibration based on a nanowire sensor system using Fast Fourier Transform technique 

      Rota Rodrigo, Sergio Upna; López Aldaba, Aitor Upna; Pérez Herrera, Rosa Ana Upna; López Bautista, María del Carmen; Esteban, Óscar; López-Amo Sáinz, Manuel Upna (IEEEOptical Society of America, 2016)   Artículo / Artikulua  OpenAccess
      This paper presents a new sensor system for vibration and relative humidity measurements based on its interaction with the evanescent field of a microwire. The interrogation of the sensing head is carried out by monitoring ...