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    • An estimated new-Keynesian model with unemployment as excess supply of labor 

      Casares Polo, Miguel Upna Orcid; Moreno, Antonio Upna; Vázquez, Jesús (2010)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      As one alternative to search frictions, wage stickiness is introduced in a New-Keynesian model to generate endogenous unemployment fluctuations due to mismatches between labor supply and labor demand. The effects on an ...
    • Sticky prices, sticky wages, and also unemployment 

      Casares Polo, Miguel Upna Orcid (2008)   Documento de trabajo / Lan gaiak  OpenAccess
      This paper shows a New Keynesian model where wages are set at the value that matches household's labor supply with firm's labor demand. Subsequently, wage stickiness brings industry-level unemployment fluctuations. After ...