Recent Submissions

  • Construction of capacities from overlap indexes 

    Sanz Delgado, José Antonio Upna; Galar Idoate, Mikel Upna; Mesiar, Radko; Bustince Sola, Humberto Upna; Fernández Fernández, Francisco Javier Upna (Springer, 2017)   Capítulos de libro / Liburuen kapituluak  OpenAccess
    In this chapter, we show how the concepts of overlap function and overlap index can be used to define fuzzy measures which depend on the specific data of each considered problem.
  • Heat exchangers for thermoelectric devices 

    Astrain Ulibarrena, David Upna; Martínez Echeverri, Álvaro Upna (InTechOpen, 2012)   Capítulos de libro / Liburuen kapituluak  OpenAccess
    This chapter shows in the first place the influence of heat exchangers on the performance of both thermoelectric generation and thermoelectric refrigeration devices. Then, there are presented different types of heat ...
  • Thermoelectric power generation optimization by thermal design means 

    Aranguren Garacochea, Patricia Upna; Astrain Ulibarrena, David Upna (InTechOpen, 2016)   Capítulos de libro / Liburuen kapituluak  OpenAccess
    One of the biggest challenges of the twenty‐first century is to satisfy the demand for electrical energy in an environmentally speaking clean way. Thus, it is very important to search for new alternative energy sources ...
  • Operational research applied to health services: ORAHS 2016 

    Universidad Pública de Navarra / Nafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoa (2016)   Contribución a congreso / Biltzarrerako ekarpena  OpenAccess
    The conference theme is «Finding better health-care decisions in new oceans of health data». New medical devices have open a new era of information in healthcare and set healthcare systems in a path of rapid changes in the ...