Recent Submissions

  • Synthetic gaze data augmentation for improved user calibration 

    Garde Lecumberri, Gonzalo Upna; Larumbe Bergera, Andoni Upna Orcid; Porta Cuéllar, Sonia Upna Orcid; Cabeza Laguna, Rafael Upna Orcid; Villanueva Larre, Arantxa Upna Orcid (Springer, 2021)   Capítulo de libro / Liburuen kapitulua  OpenAccess
    In this paper, we focus on the calibration possibilitiesó of a deep learning based gaze estimation process applying transfer learning, comparing its performance when using a general dataset versus when using a gaze specific ...
  • Advanced feeds for mm-wave antenna systems 

    Teniente Vallinas, Jorge Upna Orcid; Iriarte Galarregui, Juan Carlos Upna Orcid; Ederra Urzainqui, Íñigo Upna Orcid; Gonzalo García, Ramón Upna Orcid (Springer, 2018)   Capítulo de libro / Liburuen kapitulua  OpenAccess
    Millimeter-wave antenna systems have traditionally required high performance feeds in order to fulfill its stringent requirements. Therefore, this goal has been achieved by corrugated horns. However, in the last years new ...