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dc.creatorKokolakakis, Themises_ES
dc.creatorLera López, Fernandoes_ES
dc.description.abstractThe sport legacy among ethnic minorities has been neglected despite the positive outcomes of active lifestyle and social inclusion. The current research, applying time series analysis, evaluates evidence of sport legacy among four English ethnic minorities regarding the hosting of Olympic Games (London 2012). A short-term association was found between hosting the Games and sport participation rates among ethnic groups, leading more to increasing frequency of engagement for existing participants than to attracting new participants. The results indicate differences among the ethnic groups and gender, showing that females from Asian ethnicities having the highest engagement. Practical implications for the governance of events in the future relate to improving the festival effect of the Games, to encourage social inclusion for ethnic minorities. Our results might encourage policy makers to maintain a sustained effort in the post-event period to capitalise on sport legacy.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThe study was funded in part with the financial support from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Research and the European Regional Development Fund with the Project ECO2017-86305-C4-4-R (AEI/FEDER, UE).en
dc.format.extent19 p.
dc.relation.ispartofSport in Society, 25 (4), p. 730-747, 2021en
dc.rights© 2021 The Author(s). Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internationalen
dc.subjectEthnic minoritiesen
dc.subjectOlympic Gamesen
dc.subjectSport legacyen
dc.subjectSport mega-eventsen
dc.subjectSport participationen
dc.titleSport legacy impact on ethnic minority groups: the case of London 2012: the sport mega-events of the 2020s: governance, impacts and controversies. Special issue in sport in societyen
dc.typeArtículo / Artikuluaes
dc.rights.accessRightsAcceso abierto / Sarbide irekiaes
dc.relation.projectIDinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/AEI/Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016/ECO2017-86305-C4-4-R/ES/en
dc.type.versionVersión publicada / Argitaratu den bertsioaes

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© 2021 The Author(s). Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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