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dc.creatorCruz Quesada, Guillermoes_ES
dc.creatorEspinal Viguri, Maialenes_ES
dc.creatorLópez Ramón, María Victoriaes_ES
dc.creatorGarrido Segovia, Julián Josées_ES
dc.descriptionPóster presentado al Symposium of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry 2021: online conferencees_ES
dc.description.abstractHybrid silica xerogels (HSXG) combine the properties of organic and inorganic components in the same material, which makes them promising and versatile candidates for multiple applications. These materials can be easily prepared by the sol-gel process, which offers the possibility to obtain different morphologies. The incorporation of organic precursors plays an important role in their properties, hence, allowing the design of materials for specific applications such as coatings for optical fibers [1]. The aim of this work was to study the influence of the alkyl chain and chlorine atom on the morphological and textural properties of various hybrid materials produced by co-condensation. For this purpose, three series of hybrid xerogels were prepared by co-condensation of TEOS and a chloroalkyltriethoxysilane (TEOS:ClRTEOS, R = methyl, ethyl or propyl) at different molar ratios. The influence of the precursors on the structure and textural properties of the xerogels was studied by means of N2 adsorption, XRD (X-ray diffraction), 29Si NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and FE-SEM (Field Emission-scanning electron microscope) [2].en
dc.description.sponsorshipMinisterio de Economía y Competitividad (Projecto MAT2016-78155-C2-2-R) y Ministerio Universidades a través de la beca FPU de Guillermo Cruz Quesada (FPU18/03467).es_ES
dc.subjectHybrid materialsen
dc.subjectSilica xerogelsen
dc.subjectTextural propertiesen
dc.titleNew hybrid organochlorinated xerogelsen
dc.typeContribución a congreso / Biltzarrerako ekarpenaes
dc.contributor.departmentInstitute for Advanced Materials and Mathematics - INAMAT2es_ES
dc.rights.accessRightsAcceso abierto / Sarbide irekiaes
dc.relation.projectIDinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MINECO/Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016/MAT2016-78155-C2-2-Ren

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