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dc.creatorMarzo Pérez, Asieres_ES
dc.creatorSeah, Sue Annes_ES
dc.creatorDrinkwater, Bruce W.es_ES
dc.creatorSahoo, Deepak Ranjanes_ES
dc.creatorLong, Benjamines_ES
dc.creatorSubramanian, Srirames_ES
dc.identifier.issn2041-1723 (Electronic)
dc.descriptionIncluye material complementarioes_ES
dc.description.abstractSound can levitate objects of different sizes and materials through air, water and tissue. This allows us to manipulate cells, liquids, compounds or living things without touching or contaminating them. However, acoustic levitation has required the targets to be enclosed with acoustic elements or had limited manoeuvrability. Here we optimize the phases used to drive an ultrasonic phased array and show that acoustic levitation can be employed to translate, rotate and manipulate particles using even a single-sided emitter. Furthermore, we introduce the holographic acoustic elements framework that permits the rapid generation of traps and provides a bridge between optical and acoustical trapping. Acoustic structures shaped as tweezers, twisters or bottles emerge as the optimum mechanisms for tractor beams or containerless transportation. Single-beam levitation could manipulate particles inside our body for applications in targeted drug delivery or acoustically controlled micro-machines that do not interfere with magnetic resonance imaging.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work has been supported by the EC within the seventh framework programme through both the European Research Council (Starting Grant Agreement 278576) and the FET Open Scheme (under grant agreement no. 309191).en
dc.publisherNature Publishing Groupen
dc.relation.ispartofNature Communications, 6 : 8661en
dc.rights© 2015 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserveden
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The images or other third party material in this article are included in the article’s Creative Commons license, unless indicated otherwise in the credit line; if the material is not included under the Creative Commons license, users will need to obtain permission from the license holder to reproduce the material.en
dc.titleHolographic acoustic elements for manipulation of levitated objectsen
dc.typeArtículo / Artikuluaes
dc.contributor.departmentUniversidad Pública de Navarra. Departamento de Ingeniería Matemática e Informáticaes_ES
dc.contributor.departmentNafarroako Unibertsitate Publikoa. Matematika eta Informatika Ingeniaritza Sailaeu
dc.rights.accessRightsAcceso abierto / Sarbide irekiaes
dc.type.versionVersión publicada / Argitaratu den bertsioaes

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