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This paper summarizes latest works of Telematic, Networks and Services research group (TNS) of Public University of Navarra in the topics of FIERRO thematic network. Last two papers sent to major conferences are addressed First work shows how self-similar traffic can be generated using Perlin Noise, an algorithm commonly used to generate 2D/3D noise for natural looking graphics. 1-dimension Perlin Noise can be interpreted as network traffic and used to generate long range dependent traffic for network simulation. The algorithm is compared to more classical approach Random Midpoint Displacement showing at traffic generated is similar but can be generated continuously with no fixed block size. Second work presents two novel cloning schemes for video delivery in OBS networks that dramatically improve user perceived content quality. These schemes take into account the special characteristics of compressed video traffic. Analytical and simulation results show up to 40% QoE improvement without a substantial increase in the overall network traffic and without increasing the number of bursts in the network. The results show the strong dependency of this novel cloning scheme on the video traffic structure due to the coding mechanisms.


Perlin noise, Interner traffic, OBS networks


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This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the research project INSTINCT (TEC-2010-21178-C02-01). Also, the authors want to thank Spanish thematic network IPoTN (TEC2010-12250-E) and Public University of Navarre for funding through PIF grant.

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