Estimation of the solar thermal power generation potential in Pamplona (northern Spain)

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Universidad Carlos III
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In this work, an analysis of the potential of the city of Pamplona to produce solar thermal energy was carried out, according to the solar radiation received. As a result, for each residential, industrial, or service rooftop, information was provided on (1) the area available for thermal installation, (2) the solar thermal installation capacity and (3) the monthly and annual thermal energy generation potential. It was found that, if all suitable areas of the city are used, it would be possible to achieve an annual total solar thermal energy production of 1197.69 GWh. If solar energy supply and thermal demand were perfectly coupled over time, it would be possible to cover 99.1% of Pamplona's thermal energy demand.


Solar map, Urban solar thermal potential, Energy transition


Ingeniería / Ingeniaritza / Institute of Smart Cities - ISC



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The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the Government of Navarre. Ignacio García thanks to the Spanish Ministry of Universities and the European Union- Next Generation EU for their financial support (Program for the requalification of the Spanish university system 2021-2023, Resolution 1402/2021).

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